Hope Lutheran Church

Annual General Meeting Minutes ~ February 17, 2013


Part 1 – Getting Started

Co-chair Gerry Owen called the meeting to order.

Opening devotions were led by Pastor Terry Richardson

There were 54 members in attendance, which exceeded requirements for a quorum



Minutes of the previous A.G.M. were amended as follows:  Gary Schenk, not Gary Schultz served on the Task Force on Facilities and Priorities; Date of the

Meeting was February 19th not 17th

"Move to adopt minutes as amended"

M/Dick McMannus/S/Edith Radam/Passed



Agenda for the meeting discussed.  Constitution revision added under New Business.  Question regarding the reason for altering the constitution was asked.  The changes are required due to changes in the Provincial regulations around societies, changes in Canada Revenue regulations and changes in the ELCIC Synodical constitution.

"Move to adopt the agenda as amended"

M/Jack Web/S Dick McMannus/Passed


Part 2 – Old Business

Bathroom Renovations

There was a discussion regarding the renovations of the bathrooms.  Doug Roszmann, for the Property Committee talked about possible expansion plans that could impact the bathroom renovations.  Rather than just redo the bathrooms, the Church Council felt it was financially prudent to hold up the renovations until such time as there were clear plans regarding plans to Increase the size of the Narthex.  Such plans could result in an opportunity to further increase the size of the current upstairs bathrooms. A few members voiced concerns re the current state of the bathrooms, and a desire to move quickly with the original plan, to renovate the front doors and redo the bathrooms.

Funds are still not sufficient to complete the proposed project. The property committee will be creating a small task force to oversee the proposals for narthex extension, which would include the front doors and the bathroom renovations.


Part 3 – Reports

Financial report      David Nenzel, Treasurer

*The deficit for 2012 is $7,000.  (Remove "special designated funds" on page 19)

* The 2013 budget includes a 6% increase, which is a realistic budget.  (Includes

   $2000 for musicians, which may or may not be used.)

*Greg Vosper researched past AGM minutes concerning the use of the "Building Funds".  In 2008, the congregation voted to combine building funds and expansion funds.

Curt Satre inquired about possible congregational support of the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institution.  As the Witness and Mission Committee recommends projects the congregation may wish to support as individuals, the chairperson

Suggested Curt direct his recommendation to that committee.

*Gary Schenk noted the overage of the Fellowship budget was recouped by the sale of church directories, although that is not reflected in the financial report.

The same can be said for the Witness and Mission Committee re the Canadian Lutheran Magazine

"Move to accept the Financial Report for 2012"

M/Peggy McMannus/S/Susan Schenk/Passed


Auditor's Report

"Move to accept the Aduitors report."

M/Gary Schenk/S/Kathy Karr/Passed

Applause and thanks to treasurer David Nenzel for his work on behalf of the congregation.


Other Reports

            Thrifty Smile Card Program

Peggy McMannus and Wendy Van Oldenborgh presented a report on the program.  Members were encouraged to participate by signing up for a Smile Card today, or putting a note requesting a card in Wendy's box.  Thrifty's donates 5% of total spent using the cards for specific church needs.  In the past flooring for the basement was purchased with the money.  Currently the project is for flooring, (ie carpeting or?)  for the upstairs.

            All other reports reviewed in order of presentation in Annual Report.

"Move to adopt the reports."

M/Susan Schenk/S/Hale Yardly/Passed


Kathy Karr and, through applause, by the congregation. Offered thanks to Gary Schenk for organizing the Hostess Teams


Part 4 – New Business


            Council Co-chair Glenn Harvey chaired this part of the meeting, to enable Council C0-Chair Gerry Owen, who worked on the constitutional changes to led the discussion regarding proposed constitutional changes.

*The reason for changing the constitution at this time is to conform to changes in the Canada Revenue Act – must state whole of assets are dedicated to charitable purposes.

 British Columbia Societies Act – Some items previous considered a part of our "constitution" are now considered "by-law's".

 and the ELCIC/Synod re our mission, identity and the current standard form for churches operation and function mean ours need to be updates.

*Much discussion focused on Article V Section2/3 which details process to be followed if congregation votes to remove itself from the ELCIC, including property reverting to the B.C. Synod.


"Move that a special congregational meeting be called within two months to deal with the constitutional issues."

M/David Handley/S/Gary Schenk/Passed


"Move and amendment that the vote at the special congregational meeting called to deal with the constitutional issues be by secret ballot."

M/Jack Ziebart/S/Doug Roszmann/Passed


"Move that council prepare a document that compares the old and proposed constitutional changes, and that the document be in the hands of the congregation one month before the date of the Special Congregational Meeting on the Constitution."

M/Gary Schenk/S/Karl Radam/Passed


Election of new members for church council

Glenn Harvey spoke for the nominating committee and nominated Al Ginter, Thor Johnson, Gary Schenk, Ray Schultz and Janice Vosper for church council.

As our current constitution indicates our council must be at least 9 and up to 15 members, all those nominated can serve on council.


"Move that Al Ginter, Thor Johnson, Gary Schenk, Ray Schultz, and Janice Vosper be elected to church council."

M/Glenn Harvey/S/David Nenzel/Passed


Election of Auditors

"Move that Garth Napper and Greg Vosper by appointed auditors for 2013."

M/Glenn Harvey/S/Gary Schenk/Passed


Election of delegate/alternate to national convention

"Move that Mona Richardson be appointed our delegate, and Curt Satre the alternate."

M/Gary Schenk/S/Al Ginter/Passed


Election of two Conference delegates

"Move that Julie Koenig, Carolyn Iles and Al Ginter by appointed delegates,

and among themselves determine who will be delegates and alternates."

M/Gary Schenk/S/Edith Radam/Passed


2013 Budget

The budget presented is a bare bones budget.  It more closely reflects the congregations giving to the general funds that support our church.  Members are very generous towards special appeals, many charities of our church and our community.  Co-chairperson Gerry Owen reminded members that our vote for this budget means each of us will ensure there are is funding to meet the budget.


"Move to accept the 2013 budget as presented."

M/David Nenzel/S/Jack Ziebart/Passed


Part 5 – Announcements and Thanks

Announcement:  The new council, old and just elected members will meet briefly right after this meeting.

Thanks:  Carolyn Iles, presented small thank-you gifts to the retiring board members.  Glenn Harvey, as retiring church council co-chairperson expressed thanks to the many people who work for and serve our congregation. Particular thanks were expressed to Pastor Terry Richardson for his care and compassion, and Mona Richardson for her support of our church, and Terry.


Part 6 Closing

Closing Devotions were led by Pastor Terry Richarson

"Motion to adjourn"  

/S/Doug Roszmann   ???  Who moved this???

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