Hope Lutheran Church Council

Hope Council Minutes ~ November 21, 2014

            Meeting called to order  @ 12; 30  


1.    Members in attendance:

Pastor Terry Richardson, Ray Schultz, Gary Schenk, Doug Roszmann, Al Ginther, Janice Vosper, David Nenzel, Curt Satre, Carolyn Iles,

Members excused:

Janet Dorland


2.    Opening Prayer   Led by Pastor Terry


3.    Pastor’s Report 

Garry & Velda Schultz have requested the removal of their names from our membership roster. Action by Pastor Terry with follow up letter M/S/C


Pastor’s Report received M/S/C

4.    Minutes of previous meeting

Motion to approve minutes   M/S/C


5.    Executive Report

a) Future Directions Task Force


Terms of Reference Mandate/Membership

            Motion to receive M/S/R


b) Future Directions Task force            

Project description


Motion: Adopt project description   M/S/C

(1 abstention)

c) Future Directions Task Force Appointments

            Peggy McManness. Gary Schenk , Gerry Owen

Motion to appoint the above  three congregational members.  M/S/C


            c) Date of AGM: February 15.2015

d) Nominating Committee: Carolyn Iles & Ray Schultz   (2 council vacancies)

 Discussion on how to involve members of Hope in the nominating process, generally and at the annual general meeting

Motion: nomination committee send out request for nomination for the 2015 council from congregation of Hope   M/S/C


6.    Committee Reports

·         Finance  

Report posted on web site for October   M/S/R


·         Continuous Learning

Committee met; report presented


·         Membership- Fellowship

Proposed Terms of Reference presented; Accepted for the committee’s use


·         Property

Report given


·         Stewardship

Report given; Committee will undertake to update Time & Talent sheet


·         Witness and Mission

Template included with report for council to approve

Motion to grant permission to circulate the template letter with to the congregation for their information.  M/S/C


·         Worship

Report given


7.    New Business

a) Curt gave notice for future meeting for the following motion:

The ELCIC acknowledges with sadness that several of our family of congregation has chosen to leave the ELCIC. We would like to be clear that our thoughts and prayers remain with you as you carry on Christ’s ministry. We will include your congregations in our weekly prayers as we do member congregations of the ELCIC. As individuals you remain welcome to worship and commune with us brothers and sisters in Christ.


b) Request to serve real beer at next year’s Oktoberfest

Motion:  Hope Lutheran Church allow alcoholic beverages to be served at church sponsored events   M/S/ deferred to December meeting


8.    Next meeting dates

·         Executive:  Thursday, December 4 @ 10:00 am  

·         Council:  Friday, December 12, @ 12:30 pm           


9.    Closing prayer   Pastor Terry


10. Adjourned  @ 2:20 pm

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