Hope Lutheran Church Council

Congregational Council Meeting ~ June 17, 2015

Members in Attendance: Ray Schultz, Pastor Terry Richardson, Janice Vosper, Randi Turner, Doug Roszmann, Curt Satre, Gerry Jacob,

Excused Carolyn Iles, Gary Schenk

Meeting took place at Doug & Joan Roszmann ‘s home   Thank you Doug and Joan

1.         Adoption of the agenda 

Meeting called to order by Ray @ 5:20

2.         Opening Prayer   Pastor Terry Richardson

3.         Minutes of May meeting    

            Motion to accept /S/Accepted

4          Pastor’s Report

            Recommendations to Council:

To receive Adriane Schroeder as member of Hope Lutheran Church by Baptism (JULY 19,2015)

To receive Shirley Forwell as member of Hope Lutheran Church by Affirmation of Baptism

Motion to accept report /S/Accepted

5.         Financial Report

A reminder will be given to congregation about summer giving as attendance tends to be lower in the summer but the bills still need to be paid.

Motion to accept / S/ Accepted

6.         Executive Committee

            Confirmation of Insurance coverage

            Management of signboard confirmed

            Memorial book and plaques referred to October meeting

            Thinking ahead to congregational anniversary in 2017

            (Heads up for council)

7.         Business carried over

            Future Directions Committee assignment

            Confirm Mutual Ministry committee start up

            Chair Glen Harvey members Joan Roszmann, Carolyn Iles

            Privacy issues related to the picture board

Gerry Owen has offered to help Gerry Jacobs with this issue

8.         Program Committee Reports

            *Continual Learning   report presented


            Meeting later this month  

 Question as to when the initial motion regarding the picture board  was taken.  Action Janice Vosper

            January minutes were when this motion was passed. Below is the motion:

Motion Request to share the wall space in the narthex, directly across from the main doors, to install the Photo Display Board for our congregation, No photos or names shall be posted without written consent of congregational members

*Future Directions

Report later this month

*Mutual ministry

Report given


Reported presented

*Stewardship &Finance

No report--- work in progress

*Witness & Mission

Report given


Report given

Motion to receive reports   M/S/C

Email from Curt Satre regarding Memorial Garden Policy Action Ray Schultz

9. Next meeting dates

No meeting in July 2015

Executive: 07 August at 10:30am

Council: 19 August @ 5:30pm

10.       Closing prayer   Pastor Terry Richardson

Adjournment 6:30pm

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Click here for "Financial charts for June, 2015"

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