Hope Lutheran Church Council

Hope Council Minutes ~ January 16, 2015

Meeting called to order @ 12:30

Members in attendance: Pastor Terry Richardson, Ray Schultz, Gary Schenk, Al Ginther, Janice Vosper. Curt Satre, Carolyn Iles, Janet Dorland

Members excused:  David Nenzel, Doug Roszmann


1.    Opening Prayer   led by Pastor Terry


2.    Pastor’s Report

Presented by Pastor Terry


Recommend receiving Glory Sillem; Warren & Dolares Joslin by Affirmation of Faith  



Moved to receive Pastor’s Report




Approve Pastor’s request for Sabbatical in 2016 in Principle, to be reviewed when Pastor brings more specific information     M/S/C


3.    Minutes of previous meeting


November minutes adapted as amended


(Note no December meeting due to lack of quorum)


4.  Executive Report

a)  Deferred action re reconciliation with departed congregations

November motion

The ELCIC acknowledges with sadness that several of our family of congregation has chosen to leave the ELCIC, We would like to be clear that our thoughts and prayers remain with you as you carry on Christ’s ministry. We will include your congregations in our weekly prayers as we do member congregations of the ELCIC. As individuals you remain welcome to worship and commune with us brothers and sisters in Christ.

After consideration that council present the following motion to the AGM, Hope Lutheran church.

“The ELCIC acknowledges with sadness that several of our family congregations have chosen to leave this church, We would like to be clear that our thoughts and prayers remain with them as they carry on Christ’s ministry. We will include these congregations in our weekly prayers as we do member congregations of this church.  We will continue to look for opportunities to alleviate suffering in, care of the communities we serve together.”  M/S/C


a)    Future Directions

Follow up on Future Directions

Moved that Rebecca Garber name be added to the Future Directions Task Force   M/S/C

Task Force members   Peggy McManus Chair; Gary Schenk, Gerry Owen, Rebecca Garber

b)   Resolution regarding alcoholic beverages at Hope     Lutheran church events

Establish a Task Force to develop a policy governing the use (or not) of alcohol on the premises of Hope Lutheran Church   M/S/ C    (one person abstained)

Appoint the following members to the Alcohol Use Policy Task force: Jan Nilsson. Gerry Jacob, Linda Harvey; M/S/C    (one person abstained)

c)    Agenda for February A.G.M.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Rules of Procedure for A.G.M.


7.    Committee Reports

·         Finance report on website for November & December 2014

·         Approve 2015 Budget

·         Moved to recommend to the treasurer that council’s amendments be incorporated in 2015 budget   M/S/C


·         Continuing Education

·         Report presented

·         Membership- Fellowship

·         Request to share the wall space in the narthex, directly across for the main doors, to install the Photo Display Board of our congregation. No photos or names shall be posted without written consent of congregational members    .M/S/C


·         Property report received in December

·         Stewardship

·         Witness and Mission   report received

·         Worship report received


Motions to receive reports   M/S/C


8.    New Business   Correspondence

 From City of Nanaimo: Notice of Development Variance permits (re height of new sign at Brooks Landing Resolution) No action taken

Card from St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Kitchener Ontario thanking Hope for participation in video at Christmas

Thank you from Loaves & Fishes for donations & support in the past year

Christmas card for Island Crisis Care Society


9.    Next meeting dates

·         Executive:    20 February 11:30

·         Council:   27 of February   Time and location TBA           


10. Closing prayer Led by Pastor Terry

11. Adjourned  @ 2:55 p.m.


January 23, 2015     Sunday, 11:10 A.M.

 Special Council Meeting    2015 Budget


Members in Attendance:  Al Ginther, Carolyn Iles, Janice Vosper, David Nenzel, and Ray Schultz



Moved that council accept 2015 Budget presented by David Nenzel on Sunday January 23, 2015.



Meeting adjourned :  11:25  P.M.

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