Hope Lutheran Church Council

Congregational Council Meeting ~ April 10, 2015, 5:00pm

Members in attendance: Ray Schultz, Pastor Terry Richardson, Janice Vosper, Randi Turner, Markus Motta, Doug Roszmann, Curt Satre, Gerry Jacob


Regrets: Carolyn Iles, Excused: Gary Schenk


1.         Opening Prayer    Pastor Terry Richardson

2.         Pastor’s Report         Motion to receive report S/C

3.         Minutes for January /15 meeting    Motion to accept S/C

            Minutes for March/15 meeting        Motion to accept S/C

4.         Executive Committee

            * Mutual Ministry discussion, and formation of team deferred till May meeting

            *Terms of Reference for Stewardship and Finance Committee

            - Consult with Curt Satre and Financial Officers

            *Memorial gift list to include altar candleholders

            *Memorial gift list in Newsletter

5.         Correspondence:

Letter from the B.C. Synod Council in regards to proposed amendments to the congregation’s bylaws    see attachment

            -Letter from National Bishop Rev. Susan C. Johnson confirming receipt of Petition for 2015

National Convention. See attachment

            - Thank you from Church secretary Janice Valecourt for Christmas gift.

-Thank you from Samaritan House for donation of PJ”S and Hygiene supplies

6.         Program Committee Reports

*Future Direction’s Report: will be sent out to all council members when completed.  Doug Roszmann presented oral report,

            *Continual Learning have not met so nothing to report

         *Fellowship / Membership report presented

*Property       verbal report presented, Doug will send one out later this month.

Thank you letter to Hartmut Haase for his construction / installation donation of the arbor for the Memorial Gardens.  M/S/C    Action:  Janice Vosper with input from Mona Richardson.

*Stewardship & Finance

Financials posted on website by David Nenzel.

*Witness & Mission    Report circulated

*Worship will meet next week

Motion to receive reports as submitted. M/S/C

7.         Old Business

            Development of Alcohol Policy   work in processes

8.         New Business

            Confirmation camp information for 2015 has arrived. Further information to follow.

9.         Next meeting dates

            *Executive   to be arranged

            *Council        May 7 Thursday 5pm

10.       Closing Prayer         Pastor Terry Richardson

Adjournment   6:10 pm

Click here for "Financial statements for April, 2015"
Click here for "Financial charts for April, 2015"

Click here for "2015 YTD Revenue-Expense graph"

Click here for minutes & financial archives.