Hope Lutheran Church Council

Hope Council Minutes ~ September 12, 2014

Meeting called to order @ 1:15


Members in attendance:

Pastor Terry Richardson, Ray Shultz, David Nenzel, Gary Schenk, Janice Vosper, Doug Roszmann, Janet Dorland, Carolyn Iles, Curt Satre, Al Ginther


Opening Prayer led by Pastor Terry


Pastorís Report

M/S/C (received)

Report by Pastor Terry about the National Worship Conference he attended this summer. Handout to council, and discussion. Was a very informative conference, lots of information and ideas to share. Thank you to Worship Committee for giving him the opportunity to attend.


Minutes of previous meeting



Executive Report


1) That $500 of the recent memorial be earmarked for the Hospitality Teams budget and the remainder be allocated to renovations to the refreshment centre in the narthex.†



2) Deferred motion†

That the question of whether to participate in the BC Synod renewal and redevelopment program be referred to the Future Directions Task Force for consideration following the outcome of its investigations into relationships with Bethlehem Retreat Centre.


Debriefing of information Meeting

Congregational meeting is on Oct. 5 after regular service.


We (Hope Council) accept Rebecca Garberís offer to do some VISIONING exercise, considering our congregationís outreach, spirituality and feeling about our facilities and other pertinent questions. The process would include questions of congregation and collating of answers and other items as deemed necessary by Rebecca.



Committee Reports

Finance Posted on Website



Future Directions


Learning and Youth

Suggested name change to Continuous Learning


Membership- Fellowship

Terms of reference to be discussed at October meeting.





Curt removed himself from Future Directions Task Force to serve on Stewardship with Ray


Witness and Mission



The Worship Committee invites others to provide special activities , ie calls for food for the Food bank at Christmas, CLWR Sunday. Worship encourages each committee to organize and publicize the activities. It is good to connect with the Worship Committee to let us know what is being planned when, so there arenít two activities happening at one time. This is the usual practice, and we do thank everyone, especially Witness and Mission, for their good work, which should be included in Sunday Worship.† There have been some questions asked about who does what, and this is to clarify the issue for the future.


Motion that reports accepted as received



New Business

Problem with Internet on going, frustrating for office staff.† Property will be asked to investigate and find a possible solution ASAP


Next meeting dates:


Executive: †††Friday Oct. 10/14† @10:30

Council: †††††† †††Friday Oct. 17/14 @12:30


Closing prayer ††Pastor Terry

Adjourned †††2:30

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