Hope Lutheran Church Council

Congregational Council Meeting ~ March 15, 2015

Members in attendance: Ray Schultz, Pastor Terry Richardson, Janice Vosper, Gary Schenk, Randi Turner, Markus Motta, Doug Roszmann

Regrets: Curt Satre, Carolyn Iles, Gerry Jacob

1.         Opening Prayer:  Ray Schultz

2.         Pastor’s Report     Motion to received report, S/C

3.         Minutes of previous meeting

Motion to accept February  minutes as amended S/C

January minutes were deferred to April meeting.

4.         Executive Committee

Report attached to minutes, 2 items required council action

a.            Stewardship and Finance

Moved that Council draft and approve a new description of the Stewardship and Finance Committee in consultation with the executive, Curt Satre, and the financial officers.



b.            Moved that the following meeting  dates be approved:

Executive Committee: 07 April @ 5PM Tuesday

Council Meeting: 10 April @ 5PM Friday S/C


5.         Program Committee Reports

            *Future Directions: Council requests that the Future Directions Task Force look postpone  involvement in the Synod’s Renewal & Redevelopment until  the 2017 group are scheduled.  M/S/C

            *Continual Learning 



            *Witness & Mission

            Motion giving permission to Witness & Mission to submit an application for CECF grant for the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church lunch program for the amount of $500 M/S/C

·         Stewardship & Finance 

February financial posted on web site


·         Worship

Worship committee requests council add “ Alter Candle Holders “ to the Memorial Gift List   M/S/C

Reports accepted as presented

Moved to adjourn @ 1PM


Next Meeting dates

Executive: Tuesday   07 April @ 5PM

Council:  10 April @5PM Friday


Executive Committee Report ~ March 6, 2015


Items Discussed


1.    Mutual Ministry Team


The pastor is currently content to work with the present arrangement, but the Committee will add a review the arrangement to the Policy Review Schedule for the month of March.


A letter has been sent to Susan Schenk, thanking her for her past service and explaining some of the circumstances under which the present arrangement was set up.


2.    Position of the Treasurer


The Executive reviewed the questions asked at the February meeting about the role and office of the Treasurer. They are described in the Constitution.


3.    Stewardship and Finance Committee


Since this is a reassignment of committee roles, the new structure requires a motion defining its new mandate.


4.     Policy Review Schedule


The Executive will add review of annual insurance to the schedule for the month of May and affirmation of renewal to the month of June.


5.    Policy Approval Process


A brief consultation with Gerry Owen has clarified that council policies require Council, not congregational approval. Council functions as the congregation’s trustee.


6.    Pastor’s Triennial Review


The chair of Council will obtain materials from the BC Synod’s Mutual Ministry procedural manual and report recommendations to the April council meeting.


7.    ELCIC National Convention Delegate


The chair of Council will confer with Gary Schenk regarding his ability to attend the ELCIC National Convention given that he will be residing in Manitoba.

Executive Committee Report continued. . .


8.    Wills, Bequest and Planned Giving


The chair of Council will request Synod assistance in setting up a seminar for members of the congregation, including counsel on how to indicate end of life procedures.


9.    Pastor’s Sabbatical


The pastor is conferring with the Membership/Fellowship Committee to use the membership database as a tool to assess pastoral care needs during the pastor’s absence and recruit members to fill the hiatus.


Others areas to be organized include Sunday pulpit supply and office staffing for referral and information.


10. Police Record Checks


For the record, such record checks are a requirement of the congregation’s insurer, although certain kinds of activities also have legal obligations.


11. Church Office Matters


The reproduction and collating of next year’s AGM report will be jobbed out because the facilities of the congregational office are overtaxed by the work.


New phones will be purchased for the church office.


Matters requiring Council action


1.    Stewardship and Finance


Moved that Council draft and approve a new description of the Stewardship and Finance Committee.


2.    Dates


Moved that the following dates be approved:

Executive Committee:   07 April at 5:00 pm

Council Meeting:  10 April (Friday) at 5:30 pm

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