Hope Lutheran Church Council

Hope Council Minutes ~ October 17, 2014


            Meeting called to order @ 12:30


1.    Members in attendance:

 Pastor Terry Richardson, Ray Schultz, Gary Schenk, Doug Roszmann, Janet Dorland, Al Ginther, Janice Vosper


2.    Members excused:

 Carolyn Iles, David Nenzel, Curt Satre


3.    Opening Prayer   Led by Pastor Terry


4.    Pastor’s Report



5.    Minutes of previous meeting


Minutes of Oct. 5 Congregational meeting reviewed and some editorial changes made.


6.    Executive Report

            Debriefing of Congregational meeting Oct. 5/14

            Feedback: positive, respectful meeting

            Review of Future Planning Task Force mandate & membership

-Terms of reference

     Action: Ray   Revised draft will be edited by email and presented at the next meeting


7.    Committee Reports

·         Finance M/S/C


·         Continuous Learning   

Note committee name change


·         Membership- Fellowship

Proposed terms of reference were sent back to the committee for further revision .


·         Property

     -Verbal report given by Doug, plans and projects are moving along


·         Stewardship

No report


·         Witness and Mission

Report sent out


·         Worship

Note these reports were made and received as some council members had to leave for other commitments


8.    New Business


9.    Reminder Ushers/ Greeters workshop on Sunday Oct. 19 after service. Note that a November fest meeting also called for that day, please committees communicate with office and each other.


10.  Next meeting dates

·         Executive:    November 14/14 @ 11:30 A.M

·         Council: November 21/14 @12:30-  


11.  Closing prayer  

   Led by Ray


12.  Adjourned 2:20

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