Hope Lutheran Church Council

Council Minutes for March 14, 2014

In attendance: Doug, Curt, Al, Gary, Pastor Terry, Janet, Janice, Ray,

Regrets:  David, Carolyn,

1. Opening prayer    led by Pastor Terry,

2 Congregational Review:

Visitation of an aging population, Hope has a team who take on this task as well as Pastor Terry, Sadly it is far from perfect and often find someone is missed. This is heartbreaking for those missed and the volunteers who try to be on top of the visiting and contact from Hope.  We as a council need to be aware of this problem and the importance of this contact, whether by the Pastor or a member of the congregation.  Communication is the issue; Discussion and sharing of ideas to keep the visitation and contact current 

3. Moved that January Minutes be adopted.  M/S/C

    Moved that February minutes be adapted as amended.  M/S/C

    Minutes for Annual Meeting to be reviewed in April.

4. Motion:   AGM re affordable housing Terms of Reference for Committee

That the Council establishes a Future Directions Task Force sub-committee according to the following Terms of reference:

To investigate the possibility of developing housing and/or Community facilities on the property of Hope Lutheran Church, Nanaimo, BC, as a response to the 2013 AGM motion


1. Up to five (5) members of Hope Lutheran Church, one of who is the chairperson of the sub-committee?

2. Outside consultants who need not be members of Hope Lutheran Church.

Duration of Term:

1. The terms of reference for the sub-committee shall be reviewed by the Congregational Council on an annual basis following each Annual General Meeting.

2. Membership on the sub-committee shall be ratified by the Congregational Council on an annual basis.


The sub-committee, though its chairperson, is accountable to the Chair of the Future Directions Task Force to:

1. Investigate potential models of possible projects for consideration and report details of their planning, interactions with governing agencies, development models and operational infrastructure and costs

2. Investigate and report the requirements of the City of Nanaimo regarding zoning, social planning and regulations relevant to the proposed project

3. Identify & report a list of stakeholders who would be impacted by a project such as this.

4. Engage such consultative advice as is required to assess the information gathered.

5. Make regular progress reports to the Congregational Council no less than once every other meeting


1. The Chair of Council will convene the first meeting of the sub-committee and preside over the election of the chair.

2. The first task of the sub-committee will be to present a timeline to the next meeting of the Congregational Council.


Formation of the membership of this committee will be done by e-mail, voting at that time will be considered part of a separate council meeting. Ray will approach people suggested and after confirmation council will vote via e-mail on names.


Update on Synod Renewal and Redevelopment project

Ray and Pastor Terry will meet to discuss this topic

5. Pastor's Report


6. Committee Reports

            Finance:   Posted on website

            Worship:       No report

            Property:      report given by Doug, handout;

            Witness and Mission:

            Duke point incinerator: request has been received for people and communities to support a petition against the Duke Point incinerator. 

            Recommendation by committee:  That we inform the congregation about the petition and post it on the bulletin board and leave it to each individual to decide whether they wish to support the petition or not            M/C/S

            Learning & Youth    no report

            Membership & Fellowship

            Council chose not to appoint a separate committee; acknowledge the anniversary of the building at a Sunday service to be decided at a later date.      M/S/C

            Stewardship   report given out

Receive reports as presented 


Changes to terms of Reference for committee, changes will be made by Ray and sent out.

7. New Business

List of committee members, which committee's length of term, names of current members,   need of new members   Committees are asked to contact Gary with this information.

Next meeting dates 

Officers:  April 3 2014- @ 10:30 Friday

Hope Council:  April 25 2014 @ 12:15   Friday

Closing Prayer      Pastor Terry

Adjournment:            2:10       M/S/C

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