Hope Lutheran Church Council

Hope Lutheran Church Council Minutes ~ Feb. 28, 2014

1P.M. Workshop on Protection of the Vulnerable

Present for workshop:  Ray, Al, Gary, Curt, Carolyn, Pastor Terry, Doug, Janice, Hope office staff; Janice V.; Guest from Trinity United.   Regrets:  David, Janet

            Part one presented by Nanaimo   R.C.M.P. Victim Services 

            Elder Abuse

            Presenters Cheryl Zapotichay, Erin Pollock

Information given of indications of abuse, resources available to organizations such as Hope and private citizens.   Discussion

            Part two Presented by Carolyn Iles and Janice Vosper

            Child Abuse

Information presented, discussed, handouts for all present;

Council members absent will be given information to read from both presentations.


February Council meeting called to order @ 2:45

In Attendance:  Pastor Terry, Ray, Carolyn, Janice, Al, Gary, Doug, Curt, and Janet

Regrets:  David

1.        Opening Prayer: Pastor Terry

2.        Safety Policy Review & Congregational

Moved that the Children and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy be approved as amended.


3.        Yearly Governance Schedule

Changes to printed schedule: 

Review and discuss council information  at May meeting.  

Ensure report for congregation is prepared by Pastor and Secretary, and submitted to the ELCIC.

 Changed from June to March.


4.        Election of Officers for 2014 Council

            Ray Schultz             Chair

            Carolyn Iles   Vice – Chair        

            Janice Vosper   Secretary

            All positions filled by acclamation    M/S/C

5.        Committee Liaisons

            Fellowship & Membership   Gary Schenk

            Finance  / Treasurer   David Nenzel

            Property   Doug Roszmann

            Learning & Youth   Al Ginther

            Stewardship   Ray Schultz

            Worship   Carolyn Iles

            Witness & Mission   Janice Vosper


6.        Acceptance of reports

            Worship Report

The worship Committee recommends accepting Rebecca's offering. " A Spiritual Journey through Writing". We also recommend this program be held as a Learning/Youth event. M/S/C

Acceptance of Reports   M/S/C


7.        March meeting -----Pass January minutes at the March meeting.

            Motions from Annual meeting (Feb. 16, 2014) to be discussed.

Discussion of establishing subcommittee  in regards to establishing a senior's residence on Hope property. Ray to bring forward terms of references, time lines, potential members, including consultants for the subcommittee of the future directions committee.


Gary offered to oversee committee setup, re membership of committees, instead of being the responsibility of Vice-Chair.  

Offer accepted with thanks.

Executive meeting:  March 6 Friday  @ 10:30

Next Council meeting: 12:15 to 1:45     March 14 Friday.

Closing Prayer     Ray

Meeting Adjourned     M/S/C/ 4P.M.

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