Pre-Authorized Remittances


Resources for Congregations

Effective March 1, 2010, the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Rule H1, which governs pre-authorized payments in Canada, has changed. It now includes these seven mandatory elements:

  1. Sign-up Date and Signature
  2. Authorization to Debit Specific Account
  3. Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) Category (individual or business)
  4. Debit Amount and Start Date
  5. Cancellation Agreement
  6. Contact Information
  7. Recourse Statement
  8. Important PAR forms:
PAR Authorization Form [PDF: 1 p/137 KB]
This is a new pre-authorization form to be completed by all new donors and for new banking changes, starting March 1, 2010. EXISTING DONORS DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THIS FORM unless changing banking information. THIS IS AN ACTIVE FORM AND CAN BE FILLED OUT ONLINE AND THEN PRINTED.

PAR Cancellation Notice [PDF: 1 p/126 KB]
This is for treasurers to fill in when a donor requests to cancel PAR. This form is for local churches to keep, ensuring written agreement between the local church and donors. Please DO NOT send it to the PAR national office of The United Church of Canada.